Why a bookkeeper?


You may have discovered when owning your own business, it can take hours to keep track of your bookwork. Wouldn’t you rather use your strengths and skill sets to build your business instead of having to worry about accounting issues? Can you answer the following questions at any given time?

  • I know exactly who owes me money?
  • I know exactly who I owe money to and how much?
  • Did I make enough money this month?
  • When was that activity statement/super due?
  • Am I making a profit or a loss?
  • Is my filing and reporting up to date?
  • How do I accurately process payroll?
  • Would I cope if suddenly the Australian Taxation Office or Fair Work required an Audit of our affairs?

These questions and more reveal the fact that there is a lot more to keeping a proper set of books than just knowing how to pay an invoice. Outsourcing your company’s bookkeeping to a certified bookkeeper can save you staffing overheads, operating costs, management time, freeing up essential capital and increasing your capabilities so you can run your business more efficiently.

A common misconception is that a business owners will lose control if they outsource their bookkeeping. With the right systems in place, the business owner retains all management decisions and the bookkeeper simply tracks and properly records the accounting activities.With a certified, qualified and experienced bookkeeper on your side, your business can be more profitable, more efficient, and more competitive. You’ll get accurate reports reflecting your business activities so you can make decisions that will keep your business moving forward.  And all those deadlines. They are met without you giving them a second thought.

We also offer secretarial support services, tailored to meet your needs, and that includes clubs as well.

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